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Songs for Children

I have been a Folk singer for over thirty years, mostly working with a band called Fiddlers Green and in the last number of months of 2005 I have decided to go solo as it is allowing me to sing the songs that many people want to hear including songs I have written myself.

 I have already sung in many schools and I have a programme of songs to suit different age groups, I usually sing two one hour concerts singing nursery rhymes to the children from Infants up to second class, and then with a different programme of songs entertain from third class to sixth class. The interaction with the children is what singing is all about and as I also play Guitar and have my own sound system, it does create a great atmosphere for all the children. It can be enjoyable for children and Teachers to listen and sing the wonderful songs that have been written and sung by singers like Burl Ives, Tom Paxton, Pete Seeger, The Clancy brothers & Tommy Makem and the Dubliners to name but a few. These songs were there for my childhood and they should be there for the children of today.

Popular Nursery Rhymes from Infants to 2nd Class

Songs for Schools 3rd Class to 6th Class

01.Oh dear what can the matter be.

Brennan on the Moor: Legendary song of an Irish Highwayman with a chorus for the children to sing.

02. This old man.

The Mermaid: Song of the Sea and the legend of the Mermaid half woman half fish, with a chorus.

03. My Bonnie lies over the Ocean.

The Devil and the Farmer: This song is a comedy about the devil who took the farmerís wife to Hell only to bring her back to the farmer again. Chorus.

04. Goin to the Zoo.

Big Strong man: Comedy song with a very strong chorus.

05. Mister Froggy went a courting.

Fields of Athenry: This song relates to the Famine years of 1845 and describes what happened at that time when a man stole a piece of corn.

06. Puff the magic Dragon.

Beidh Aonach amarach: Piosa ceol as gaeilge, A little boy wanting to go to a fair day and his mother will not allow him.

07. The Unicorn song

Fiddlers Green: A legendary place where all fishermen hope to go when they die. This song also has a strong chorus.

08. The Wheels on the Bus.

The Rattling bog: A chorus song getting children to remember the words relating to each verse when singing the chorus.

09. The Fox went out on a windy night.

Where have all the flowers gone: A wonderful anti world war song written by Pete Seeger and the children enjoy singing it.

10. What shall we do with the drunken sailor.

The Wild rover: This song is so popular and great for getting the children singing.